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Ovo Walkthrough 18 – 26 Levels Cool Math Games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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Another 8 more levels of OVO platformer. At these levels, buttons and red platforms appear that are controlled by these buttons. There are even more spiked and dangerous places , bottlenecks between thorns. Through the bottlenecks, by the way it is very convenient to fly by pressing simultaneously up and down. Game played on Cool Math Games.


  1. Nice job! I already created a walkthrough for all of the levels of this game

  2. i love how in this game there is so much ways to beat levels

  3. It kills me to watch this cuz how slow even goes

  4. Hé going slow because he was watching some one else do it

  5. there is a glitch on my game and It makes it so that on level 20 I turn around and go backward on the jumps at :59

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