Planet Life FULL PLAYTHROUGH part 1 on -

Planet Life FULL PLAYTHROUGH part 1 on

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this is gonna take a while
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  1. is it just me or does anybody else have over 10 million wood and cooco

  2. I remember this man I just uploaded a video about it

  3. you were not 'right back' my good sir

  4. With the ghost crypto system its easy to get rich 🤑

  5. No one:

    Me sitting here trying to find out how to get burger back

  6. Am I the only one who needed help on the quiz?
    Its around 1:40:00

    1. Jerks
    2. Ghosts
    3. Stardust
    4. 124
    5. Burger/Broccoli
    6. 42
    7. Planet
    8. Burger
    Edit: Okay, for the test, when it asks "What's for dinner" you can answer Broccoli or Burger and they'll both be correct. And the last question that asks who is the reason for the test, the answer is Burger. If I knew answers could repeat, I wouldn't have needed help.

  7. The less ghosts you have the less they'll cost in the Intergalactic Ghost Exchange.

  8. Finally, people other then captain sauce playing this

  9. i cant beat jack does anyone know how too?

  10. me and my friend are playing this game and we just went through the wormhole but it just stays on the broccoli and doesn't do anything, any ideas?

  11. I am stuck on the giant space broccoli, it won't let me go any further into the game :/

  12. I'm stuck trying to get to Jack, help.

  13. where did you get the intergalactic space exchange.

  14. I really appreciate this video cuz no one else really plays this game lol. Thanks man

  15. me randomly finding this after searching how to beat jack

  16. hey- umm, how do you get the ghost exchange center? Ben wont sell me ghosts anymore D.=

  17. i have gotten farther, i have unlocked legendary jerks by giving beanie over 1 Million rings

  18. I got a Muffin that regenerates 111 of my health every turn plus my armor is over 700 so enemies aren't doing and damage to me lol

  19. Someone please tell me how to get back to earth I miss Derek😭

  20. what's the answer to the weird thing in the basement

  21. People talking about how to get the ghost exchange me as burger :this new sun is rude so I will kill him

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