PLAYING COOL MATH GAMES!! [Childhood: 100] -

PLAYING COOL MATH GAMES!! [Childhood: 100]

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I had a great time coming back to this website! If you want me to play it again, smash a like on the video! Let’s go for 1k likes! 😀

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  1. The site used to be so much cooler, with the cool snake thing that followed your cursor and it was so much easier to find the game you wanted to play.. Now its "Subscribe for no ads on the games we just took from somewhere on the internet lol" 🙁

  2. lol my teacher has a symbaloo page and she says we can play any game on it and everyone plays coolmath

  3. Coolmath and Agame are the best game sites in my opinion

  4. Guess what, you can't play any cool math games anymore unless you create an account. And even then you just sign up for a free trial and then you need to pay like 5.99 monthly after that. Coolmath games is dying lol

  5. we used to say to the sub coolmath games was all about maths xD

  6. That website made me a gamer too and played it at school

  7. Cool Math Games is not blocked in my school it's still works I'm in fourth grade

  8. You have to subscribe now because they want you to pay to experience your childhood for the last 2 years before the Adobe flash shutdown in 2020

  9. Hey I’m Kiara l like your Video ❤️💯💯💯

  10. It teachers don't want kids on Cool Math Games then why don't they block it at schools?

  11. I exactly don’t no what I just saw there?

  12. Im no a lot of math it’s my favorite learning subject in school.

  13. A boy becomes a man when they get off abcya and go to coolmath games

  14. 9:45 you have all this chaos

    You literally don’t have to do anything and that bottom cup will fill up lol

  15. I actually feel an urge to play awesome tanks now

  16. You have to pay to play on coolmath now R.I.P

  17. Steve The human being who has a YouTube account says:

    It’s funny how it’s called “math”

  18. I play coolmath games at school when I’m done with a pc quiz.

  19. I remember playing coolmathgames with my brother all the time.. We always plahed bloxorz and fire boy and water girl and I was watergirl and he was fireboy and we always fought over who was best

  20. I remember when the background was black and there was no ads

  21. thank u now i now a game site it is called cool math games

  22. On run 3:coolmath I was on lvl.58 before so so so hard

  23. I ever play coolmath games before and there are my favorite 😊

  24. Papa Louie games are my favorite 😂 I can’t be the only one

  25. Ah the memories. I remember going on cool math in 2nd grade and playing Ninja painter and papas freezeria(still do) in the computer lab. But whats funny is i don't remember the exact time i found out about cool math you just knew. its weird.

  26. There is now a thing called math playground

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