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Power 5 Conference Predictions with Ralph Russo + Hooters Shows OL Love & OU Schedule Breakdown

The Oklahoma Breakdown with Ikard and Lehman
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Gabe Ikard and Teddy Lehman bring you the latest news with OU football by discussing the OU offensive linemen that signed an NIL deal with Hooters and they break down OU’s 2022 schedule (2:21). Ralph Russo joins to predict power 5 conference winners and who will make the College Football Playoff (33:00). Teddy and Gabe give their “Winners/Losers of the Week:” Nick Saban, Baker Mayfield, Rich Eisen, Kevin Durant & Hot Dog Straws (1:16:21).
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  1. The song "Power" (Texas A&M Univ.) is played as the football team entrance piece just prior to kick-off for the AGGIES at Kyle Field. Some are claiming.."yeah, it's racially slurred and profane, but we don't sing the lyrics (progress here as at least some are admitting that racial slurs and profanity are not such a good idea).. But,what if the song contained lyrics promoting cop killing? Or encouraged the resumption of slavery? But were not voiced of course…(at this point some even might believe lyrics are not part of a song-huh?) Would the song remain acceptable? Others have suggested it's OK for a person of color to use these shameful and hurtful slurs…is this not racist in itself? That's a confusing and dangerous road to take. It's not OK. Would Dr. King give his approval? Regardless, the extreme profanity in the song's lyrics should make the decision much easier. IMO, when the song was selected, someone dropped the ball here. Big time. Both the team and fans deserve better than this. It's tradition now, but does that make it any less toxic and inappropriate? Google the lyrics…you'll be shocked. A state supported institution no less…Would there be any negative consequences if another song, lyrically devoid of racial slurs and profanity was chosen as a replacement? A&M has an optimal opportunity here at becoming part of the answer, not the problem. What hinders us from doing the right thing?

  2. Imagine the waitress comes to the table and gets asked “can we get him?”

  3. Gabe with a great take on Saban’s impact, spot on.

  4. To get any respect from SEC fans, OU needs to win the B12….. and to really knock their socks off, OU needs to beat the b12 like a DRUM?
    Then they (OU) can compete with Alabama and Georgia

  5. Teddy you were a little off in your prediction on the Nebraska and Northwestern game today

  6. Will Gabe or Teddy be doing a live show prior to game this week? Teddy used to do a show from Campus Corner or game day.

  7. Scott Frost will likely get fired the next day if he doesn’t beat Oklahoma. That is what it will take to save his job now.

  8. It's almost like everyone said chet was a stupid pick and the guy wouldn't be able to hold up in the NBA.. The Thunder are a failed experiment. We'll never be good with the owners we have.

  9. Is "The" Oklahoma Breakdown a fan of the 405 Street Outlaws? If so a special guest could be one of the guys from the show.

  10. If the lines arent stronger than they were in waco, they deserve to lose really. I dont feel like itll go down like that though.

  11. All I can say is I'm hungry for Hooters Wings, but please, please poke my eyes out on the thought of the BIG guys in tight Hooters outfits!! 😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

  12. Martin ez will fumble away 3 games this season. How could K State fix someone's defining feature?

  13. OU 9-3 loosing to either Nebraska or K State, Texas and then Either Baylor or OSU.

  14. "I was a substantial human at the time." LOL

  15. Would have to make special shorts and tank tops hopefully those Hooters girls do not look like the Offense of line

  16. Guys, don’t forget Texas Tech; they will live to beat OU and have a new Baylor coach to get them up: we should win but they have surprised OU in the past, both in Norman and in Lubbock.

  17. Hay boys; here is a birthday shout out for your next show: happy 49 th birthday to Craig Tecmire, Fort Smith Sooner!

  18. The takes on the Thibodaux block are hilariously misinformed. The guy literally used the wrong technique and now everyone wants to change the rules.

  19. Ralph is knowledgeable but he needs to watch some video on Caleb Williams. Outside of one of the worst defenses in the nation last year (Texas), how is he going to suddenly learn to go through progressions and get out of throwing up 50/50 balls all the time. Well, I guess it is PAC12 where they don't play any defense at all. I just did not see enough progression in Caleb Williams through the season to make me think he is going to make a sudden jump this season.

  20. I remember when Chuck Fairbanks left Oklahoma for the New England Patriots. All-American Jack Mildren and Greg Pruitt, graduated going to the pros. The quarterback OU recruited to Mildren place was put on academic probation (Kerry Jackson). In comes a new coach (Dr. Barry Switzer) and this kid out of small town Oklahoma, Steve Davis. The 1973 Oklahoma Sooners flat out rose to the occasion and went 10-0-1 (go figure USC was the tie) Steve Davis went on to become a three time All-American, 1974-1975 National Championships and (Sooner magic was born). Expectations was high across the state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma should go undefeated, win the Big XII Championship, win a playoff game, and potentially win the National Championship depending on the momentum of the season. BOOMER SOONER BABY

  21. Everytime I have went to Lincoln, NE it was a great place to have a victory. Baylor better get their buts brought to them by Oklahoma. I am so sick of this sissified crap being presented as Oklahoma football. Oklahoma has better talent, better development, better conditioning, and Oklahoma better bring Baylor their heads and butts to them, after the way Dave Aranda tried to embarrass Oklahoma, go get them. Scott Frost personally embarrassed the state of Oklahoma in 1997, go get him, Oklahoma does not need any special motivation to go beat the crap out of Texas and Oklahoma State, go play Oklahoma football.

  22. Since Nick Saban has been coaching Alabama enrollment has gone up 12,000 students a year times that by the cost of education maybe $35,000 a year and You come up with a number then times that by the years he’s been head coach of Alabama his net worth to the University might be in the billions he is under paid

  23. Can’t believe hooters is still around I can’t wait for them to be forced to open the first all inclusive hooters with every gender under the sun represented. Lol just picture that.

  24. You would think last year we had a coach seemingly checked out from early on in the season so you’d hope things will be better now.

  25. Shameless plugging of Hooters? You need better content than that if you want to be successful.

  26. When I was in college I went to Hooters every weekend to watch the NFL games. To your point about them deboning wings for you, I never deboned a wing.

  27. Culture, you mean your team has kids robbing the weed man. Hold on, that was hickified, countrified, and half backwards Oklahoma. Now that coach is in the big limelights of Hollywood, Los Angeles, and the land of Snoop Doggy Dogg. Atomic Dogs a west coast party baby. I have said it once and I will say again, Lincoln Riley will have a one game improvement at USC. Here is his only chance, the pressure brought to bear on the offense line may cause Caleb Williams to make something happen with his feet. However, no one can live on such events. From 4-8 to 5-7, which will be great for him.

  28. What randomness is this guy talking about….
    Sooners won the conference 6 years in a row bout to make it 7 out of 8!!
    This guy obviously a undercover buckturd fan:-)

  29. That’s really good I think that they should do that too yes the big guys waiting on those little gals that would be so cool I can’t stop laughing thinking about it oh my gosh that would be cool maybe maybe Gabe you and Terry could be a special guest and get in those outfits also to show them how to do it

  30. And maybe feeding the girls and them licking the guises fingers wait a minute maybe not

  31. I think the most concerning to me would be probably Nebraska but a close second would be Baylor but Nebraska because Scott frosts job is on the line and they’re going to be trying to beat us at all cost Texas I believe is going to be beat up because they got to play Bama third game out or second game out I can’t remember pretty early in the season so that’s my thought

  32. Jeremiah Hall got cut from the giants. He takes about it on his latest podcast with Bradyn Willis.

  33. Caleb Williams lost against baylor, he can’t throw against a zone defense! We will SMASH baylor like we did in 2000 !we will right the wrongs and remind the Big XII who carried it for the last 20 years!

  34. Wowww, Gabe's freaky weird lineman fetish….glad we got to hear about that… Huh? Wha? No, I'm not scarred for life, you're scarred life…😂😅

  35. Living in Norman in the early 80's…
    Two blocks from Campus Corner. Went to Othellos every tues. and thursday..
    Drinking 2 for one margaritas with….Barry..on the couch!
    Like in "Friends" we would just come in early and take over the couch and Barry would wander in!

    It was glorious.

  36. Build us up with expectations then tear it down. OU will be lucky to win 9 games. At least that’s what you would have us believe. Interesting I think it will be better than that. Getting cold feet boyyys.

  37. Baylor won't be able to do what they did last year. It's in Norman, we will actually have a staff that cares and is not thinking about USC, the team will be so much tougher. I wouldn't be surprised to see them undefeated going into the big 12 champ game.

  38. Ask BV if he thinks OU should run the table. Pretty sure he says yes. I agree.

  39. One difference is Dave Aranda wasn't signing a new contract and mortgage last year mid season.

  40. Brent venables is making like 8 million a year why shouldn't we expect him to go 12 and 0

  41. Guys… A Title is expected every year for the Sooners!! 😁☝️

  42. I was in Lincoln for the game in 2001 I think it was when the turf monster got Nate Hybl. That is a hostile environment for anyone wearing Oklahoma gear.

  43. There's not a chance in hell Caleb Williams wins the Heisman. He's very very talented but unless he just took a massive leap in development I can't see that happening. He just hasn't shown that ability and there are big questions on the O-line at USC.

  44. Nick Saban is the absolute GOAT. People forget that Alabama was not a very good program when Saban got there. He's in a league of his own.

  45. USC still has a terrible D and their O-Line is trash. It's going to be a tough year for them. This guy seems a little out of touch thinking Williams is a Heisman frontrunner.

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