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Quackity Plays Cool Math Games

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Cool Math Games are actually pretty fun.
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Streamed on: December 17, 2019
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  1. Fun fact: coolmath games was banned from my school. i typed in the website ONCE and i got sent to the office lmfao

  2. Alex still saying "it's going to be clean" hi. Still saying bad words😐

  3. When you get the high heels ad before this: 🥳

  4. 43:53 Quackity angrily:THATS THE FUCKING PICKUP LINE!!!
    *looks up pizza pickup lines
    *says one

  5. Me at the start: Is that Jack Manifold or Tom Holland

  6. quackity: I have to go to bed right now
    also quackity: streams for another hour

  7. " im lawyer to im pretty sure that illegal" Alex/quackity 2019

  8. Dono: he’s 19.
    Quackity: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!
    Also Quackity: * is like 18-19 when this stream was made *

  9. 10:00 why is his pfp in the top right corner have a J on it? Wouldn't it have a A because his name is Alex?

  10. "sTaWp CaLLiNG mEh GAyyY"
    next thing u know hes wit karl and sapnap .-. bruv dis dudeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. Are you 30? Idk where they get this from he looks 17 which is the same Age as me, im turning 18 in august

  12. I think all of these streams are so funny.

  13. Coolmathgames is actually awesome though, when I was younger I got away with playing so many fun games in there for half a year. I literally played games all the time and our teacher would be ok with it because we would make up some weirdass excuse

  14. alex forgetting the alphabet in spanish is so funny

  15. fan: im constipated
    quackity: great!:D continues playing instrument
    {timestamp 3:01}

  16. no one else gunna talk about the fact he broke the record it took him 11 seconds and the fastest in 2021 is 19.56 secs and ths was a year ago so it was probs slower😂

  17. Quackity: *plays Papa's Pizzeria*

    Me: So you have chosen Death
    (JK! I'm a Papa Louie fan)

  18. quackity: im not g a y
    also quackity: starts making pride emotes with his face on it

  19. Wait he was born in Machu Picchu??? That’s actually so cool what

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