Remember CoolMath Games? -

Remember CoolMath Games?

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CoolMath Games is a website that many many people have grown up with over the years. And today, I’m finally gonna make a CoolMath Games video of my own. So come with me as I take a deep dive into the old, the new, and the nostalgic as I take a look at Cool Math Games.

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0:00 – Intro
0:59 – The Run Series
3:38 – Fire Boy and Water Girl
4:18 – Duck Life
5:10 – Intermission
5:23 – OvO
6:14 – Scribble
7:05 – Table Tanks
8:49 – Why CoolMathGames is so nostalgic
Music Used (In Order)

T3rr0r Music Playlist:

Dancing Polish Cow (inst)
Prism Age – Plural
Fire Boy and Water Girl Theme
Subway Surfers Theme
Punch Out Wii Theme
Soul and Mind – E’s Jammy Jam
Pictochat – SSBU
PvZ OST – Mini Games
WCEP – Relbest (inst)
Extinction Event Horizon – HL2
Erik Satie – Gymnopedie No. 1
Flat Zone – SSBM


  1. whoever named it coolmathgames to trick teachers into thinking it's a learning site is a legend

  2. Yes I do remember this web. It was my school nostalgia and still to this day play it in my highschool, bc why not?

  3. I think a big misconception is that cool maths isn't closed its still around

  4. recently my school blocked coolmathgames as well when it was never blocked before. I guess they finally realized no one used the actual math parts of the website

  5. Cannot express how much deep nostalgia i go through with this website. And its ironic that you made this video because I was just going on a treasure hunt for some of the classics i used to play, ones like "Run", "Transmorpher", "Sugar, Sugar", "Factory Balls", "Duck Life", and so many others I have yet to find…a little fun fact; "Run" has it's own mobile port now, "Duck Life" has a Nintendo Switch port if I recall, and "Sugar, Sugar" also has it's own mobile port now. You also had footage of the new 3D version of Run's gameplay, Player_03 is trying to make the game 3D now.

  6. I was literally playing run 3 yesterday for like 2 hours and I’m slightly embarrassed to say I check coolmathgames almost everyday

  7. Thisisprobablyoneofthelongestnamesonyoutubemaybidk says:

    My county blocked it over a year ago. Our look on school has changed

  8. I never played duck life but i did play duck life treasure rush (i think thats what it was called) i also played There is no Game

  9. One game I constantly played on CoolMath was Guardian Rock. Basically, you move this Rock Guardian around to kill all the archeologists to prevent them from exploring the temple. The thing I remember most about the game was the fantastic ost, it only had 3 songs but god damn were they amazing. Sadly, the game was made in flash so playing it nowadays is difficult.

  10. Teachers in my school make us play Abcya ( the worst ) and cool math games. Run is my favourite game on cool math.

  11. Bro in run 3, I was so good I got the balloon character, and my friends thought I was using slowfalling hacks
    (Also I did some trickshots with lizard guy, I jump into space on the side, and run back through from past the platform.)

  12. Lol I have it as a bookmark I play it all the time now

  13. These games are good but coolmathgames just isn’t the same without the papa games😔

  14. i used to play those duck life games all the time to get unicorn hats and stuff

  15. I Support Russia Tactical Cool GamingZ 🇷🇺 says:

    What about cool tank game ;(

  16. Dang, I miss CoolMath games
    I played a game on there with a pink blob and platform everywhere, the bad guys were cyan and "the best enemy AI", heh

  17. At my school we would always play coolmath games and my favorite game was war craft 1 and 2

  18. “Mom can you make me some pizza?”
    “Why not make it yourself?”
    “Because I’m playing a flash game where you make pizzas.”
    The best interaction between 11 yo me and my mom. (The game was Papa’s Pizzeria)

  19. In run 3 I would always speed run getting the bunny because he's just the lizard but better

  20. I remember playing fireboy and watergirl with my older bro

  21. i think everyone remembers it because of how much people bring it up

  22. bruh theres not even wifi in my school computer

  23. my school had literally every site with the word "game" in it blocked ☹️☹️

  24. It's honestly so annoying that Cool Math Games got blocked. People in my class are bored now after they finish their work. Rip Cool Math Games 🙁

  25. 0:59
    I think this game is inspired by the Knuckles chaotix special stages. Knuckles chaotix came out in 1995. If you want to know more, find Cybershells video about it.

  26. i miss playing cool math games when I was younger
    of course I still can but It doesn't feel the same, i always played the duck life games, and fireboy and watergirl. I played run too but not as much And the papa's game, 2048, worlds hadest game

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