Riot MMO: Playable Races & Classes | Asmongold Reacts -

Riot MMO: Playable Races & Classes | Asmongold Reacts

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League of Legends creators are making an MMORPG, here’s everything we know about the world of Riot’s MMO, its playable races & classes according to the lore

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  1. The idea I had to deal with races and starting locations is that you can choose whatever starting location you want, but you can also choose random starting location, and the random starts are biased based on race.

  2. I want this game to get skills you need to do chainquest, Orr be master blacksmith uct. You devlope from things what you do. It would be best mmorpg in that way.

  3. Please don't be like New World 🙁 We need something good for once!! First of all, so that we can stop playing WOW or something good enough to wake Blizzard up

  4. About ratial bonuses, i think its finr having ratial bonuses but if only u can get other ratial bonuses. idk doing some quests of other nations.

  5. If they don't want to limit it too greatly, they could make you start as generic warrior, rogue, ranger, mage, and then upon reaching a certain level or quest point, you'd travel to a specific location to learn that locations class.

  6. Man honestly riot should hire Necrit as the advisor for building the quest storyline of the MMO , the man has been linking every detail for leagues lore for such a long time

  7. Is Asmondgold wearing eyeliner on his lower lashes? Gives a really cool rocker vibe with the long hair!

  8. türkler için özet geçeyim frelyordlu nişancı bir vastaya olabilirsin diyo kısaca

  9. These are just rumors and speculation right? I hope that riot won't disappoint with this game. It was hyped so much now.

  10. bull half man dude that you need to build the world's greatest maze for.

  11. I hope they add basic classes that can turn into other more advanced classes.

  12. 39:23 this is like how in Grim Dawn I am playing a shaman/inquisitor and I basically just use a big 2 handed gun and let the lightning do the rest of the work

  13. Amazon would like to have words with you. They will and have done what you said they wouldn't do.

  14. I think a decent idea for a class system would be that different classes would be very basic and give you proficiency in different types of weapons or magic. You would be able to train in different styles of fighting that are specific to the regions they are in. Something akin to the final fantasy system. Different regions might have a style of fighting where you use guns and that would be specific to classes with long range weapon proficiency.

  15. I will say that tolkein had the world of middle earth come to him naturally. He knew everything about the world from the start. He stated this many a time but its a historical account not a fiction

  16. It is always funny that Asmon thinks that everyone thinks like him. Let's say for meta worshipping, yeah it is popular, but not everyone does that.
    I could never play a class or race that I don't personally like, no matter how powerful. And I've never had any issues clearing content in any game so far.

  17. I need to watch your streams and you need to watch Arcane

  18. A guy start a "relationship" with a Rhino…
    9 months later…
    Ace Ventura costumization…

  19. the guy with silences say all we 20plus mmorpg vet players feel…

  20. I was discussing this with a friend but I firmly believe it's not a race or class issue they face but the skills involved. With all these legends will we be able to build the same and make a character like Viktor in game? So I think it's how extensive the skill trees and system involved are.

  21. To call the Vastayashai'rei "Magical Animals" is severely underselling them. They were highly spiritually empowered shapeshifters with avatar-levels of control over the powers of nature. (So yes, they would definitely pass the Harkness test.) So calling them that is about as accurate as describing humans as "bipedal apes."

    Also IDK if Lissandra gets to be called "morally right." Yeah trying to keep the world from being destroyed is good but I don't think you get to call yourself a hero when you're the one who intentionally put it in danger of being obliterated.

  22. Victoria 💋𝔽**СК МЕ - СНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Рℝ𝟘𝔽𝕀𝕃Е💛 says:

    I would pick the starting zone that is character appropriate and the most fun. Min max approach is for my younger years

  23. I would pick the starting zone that is character appropriate and the most fun. Min max approach is for my younger years

  24. If Riot would be smart, they would actually implement differences in Skills and abilities to each, for example, warrior class, lets say the yasuo warrior class has a knockup, while the noxian or freljordian warrior class has a knockdown, it would provide for a lot more diversity and innovation instead of lame oldschool every class has the same skills (boring!), yes its a lot harder to balance and we all know how terrible Riot is at balancing (League of legends….) but still, this would actually provide something new, something fresh something that would draw ppl towards a game and have them continue playing it.
    Also on top of that I would suggest something like being able to learn 1 or 2 other region same class skills, for example, The shuriman warrior class has a dexterity/agility move where they move Incredibly fast from left to right and back or something like that and with enough exp in playing against that class u then get a quest to learn said skill (however obvi not with all skills! it would have to be selected skills) anyway…. just my 2 cents from an old classic – wotlk rank 1 gladiator (s2) and raider… create new things, dont stick to old boring systems!!!

  25. One can certainly try disable minmax possibility by some kind of mechanic. Make it more towards skill based.

  26. Teemo is the embodiedment of annoyance,hate and joy combine to pissed both ally and enemy players

  27. they can make warden work now with cross faction!

  28. In case anyone creating this game reads this – here is an idea to help with playable classes. Instead of centering the player experience around titles like "Warrior", "Mage", "Ranger", etc…; you could instead center around an origin or school of combat. For example: Blood Magic could include "Blood Warrior", "Blood Mage", "Blood Ranger", etc. From what I'm seeing in this video, this would open up a variety of play-style options that aren't simply class titles. Imagine a Rogue class that uses the Aspect of Justice origin/school of combat; "Justice Rogue". Or a Shadow Warrior – a Warrior who's origin story or school of combat is deeply rooted in shadow techniques/magic. Not to mention it would align very well with the variety we see in League.

    Just an idea.

    PS – It would be a first if you let us wield and swing bo-staves. Whether it's bound to class spec or not, doesnt matter – but whaling around a bo-staff like Wu Kong would be awesome and also, a first.

  29. Its funny this presenter is talking like this is all original LoL characters and concepts, when they copied like 80% of Dota and and the remaining 20% of WoW and Diablo. But he has a funny accent so it still makes the video amusing

  30. when it comes to faction-based mmo's, look up 12sky. it did a very well job, and the three factions always competed equally for power, it never felt like one faction was the definitive one to choose.

  31. I mean RIOT could always just get lazy and make it the same classes they are on LoL (Fighter, Tank, Mage, Assassin, Support, and Marksman), and then just make everything else sub classes / specializations. They could also take the extreme oversimplification route of Fighter, Rogue, Mage and let you specialize your skills from there.

  32. yea yea yea and we got new MMO being so hyped and so wonderful… Reminds me of all this hype for …. dunno… New World?? Lost Ark??? Blessings of all gamers to be not another big Flop

  33. i think riots world would be perfectly fitting for like a overlord anime style of leveling like you got on common classes 10 lvl per class and on more rare ones 5 and on racial also 5 and the combination of different classes and all gives you your abilitys and ressistances… that would be extremely awesome

  34. 4:45 that was one of the main reasons I can’t play lost ark over ff14, ff14 is simply superior in just about every way over most mmorpg’s

  35. 24:05 If u want a good story read Aatrox s story on the main page of League. His voicelines speak volumes too. People who wrote him were absolute chads.

  36. Solari (sun worhshippers of targon)
    Buhru (kraken worshippers of bilgewater)
    Aspect of Justice (holy worshippers of demacia)
    Spirit walker (animal worshippers of freljord)
    Celestial Seers (star worshippers of targon)
    Monk (dragon worshippers of ionia)

    These classes all "worship" a greater entity, that they channel and don't create. They all have a focus on defense, but can attack equally. They all have "healing" properties.

    These could all just be the same class, but with different animations, move names, and special effects (as well as a few origin exclusive spells unique to each object of worship)

  37. so someone fucked a tree for maokai to be born?

  38. I'm so hyped for this. I'm tired of typical MMOs set in that middle earth dollar store knock offs with elves, dwarves, humans, gnomes… the same recycled high fantasy stories, the same predictable progression, etc. Leagues art direction and plot has been phenomenal. But it's been all disjointed and scattered similar to Overwatch, where the player has to hunt down and tailor scraps of lore from various media. This game will finally piece it together. The races are so different, Arcane was a masterpiece, the writing is fresh. And I'm excited to see something "painterly textured" like World of Warcraft, but in current gen that doesn't look dated. Riot has the development capital, and everything they put their hearts into from comics, to film, even music videos, have all turned out amazing.
    Ps. I'm not a biased diehard fanboi or even a league player, but as a Game Artist, I have high regard for their Art Direction & quality.

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