RIP Cool Math Games -

RIP Cool Math Games

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So yeah, Cool Math Games apparently isn’t shutting down, but anyways enjoy my gameplay of popular cool math games like raft wars, run, papas fooderia as well as fireboy and watergirl!

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  1. Going to computer lab in elementary school, playing bloons tower defense 3 and so many other amazing games. Rip coolmathgames

  2. I feel like coolmathgames is still gonna be around. We have html5 you guys are being overdramatic.

  3. Dude i was going to die because i loved playing this in elementary school

  4. That skating alien game was the shit

  5. Lol I remember when my homework used to be play 30 minutes of Cool Math Games

  6. Balloon tower defense was the best on coolmath. God I miss elementary and middle School.😢

  7. you should make a Creepy Pasta channel your voice is perfect and that music was godly

  8. I only played it a few times at school cry

  9. BUt CoOlMAtH gAmEs iSn'T sHUTtiNG dOWn ?!?!?

  10. My school just blocked it last week. 🙁

  11. Fireboy & watergirl omg used to play that on the laptop with my little brother so fun

  12. That’s not ice water dumbass. That’s blue cheese

  13. I just Searched About it and it Said that it’s not Closing down

  14. Some of the games will be unavaiable but the ones ran on HTML/Unity will still be there.

  15. ISP was lucky to play it then… or unlucky
    and we ended up ruining his life

  16. Coolmathgames is being shutdown. It got shutdown today

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