ROBLOX BANNED CoolMathGames Account? RIP! -

ROBLOX BANNED CoolMathGames Account? RIP!

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How’s it going guys, SharkBlox here,

Roblox banned the coolmath games roblox account! Used to be call CoolMathRBLX! Then they got banned! What do you guys think about this?


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  1. you think Roblox is lying to terminate famous players like PewDiePie or Coolmath games for no reason if they had bots on their games?

    actually Roblox picked the wrong player to ban coolmath tho. He's innocent and stop banning innocent ones. Why not ban hackers or bullies instead?!


    Sharkblox 4 hour later: COOLMATHGAMES banned

  3. PHEW good thing they didnt snipe me, my user is ABCDMATH123 because i raged at baldis basics

  4. Google chrome after december 2020: I WILL END COOLMATH's SUPPORT IN MAH BROWSER!

  5. Coolmath: Ooo this game looks cool Roblox: hell no im not letting steal our games GOKU POWER AHHH

  6. Cool math games got banned from my school RIP I will always remember using you whenever the teacher is trying to teach stupid things that I will never use in life, we lost the best soldier in the great battle of school, we will remember

  7. my laptop hates the website all it does is norton saying its attacking my laptop plis help

  8. Shinedancer09 how do I delete videos says:

    Uhh Mabye they were gonna put math on robloxs

  9. Roblox is evil is banned the rainbow Hoodie

  10. cool math were not getting enough money so decided to use roblox as a free way of promotion.

  11. Because Cool math games is made by Flash games

  12. Coolmathgames: let’s make a roblox account 😀
    Roblox: another community yeah nuh time to ban

    Coolmathsgames was terminated from roblox

  13. I log my account bacongetbull is get me out i think my got ban

  14. roblox moderation is pure crap. They are banning innocent people who have had spend 2000$ or more for no reason.

  15. this is how he lost his voice you see the beggining his voice was not deep but now it is deep wow

  16. The reason could be due to them trying to promote their website on roblox without roblox knowing or their permission. Which could explain why the acc got banned/terminated

  17. raundom guy that called baconhair : im banned too

  18. Haha get banned winning smile user

  19. this incident is more scarier than any incident


  21. Cool math games just wanted to play roblox

  22. most heartbreaking day on roblox poor cool math games 🙁

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