Rocket League World Championship | Championship Sunday -

Rocket League World Championship | Championship Sunday

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Watch Championship Sunday of the Rocket League World Championship now!

It all comes down to this. One final day to decide who will claim victory and the title of Rocket League World Champion. Who’s it going to be? There’s only one way to find out.

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  1. It was a kinda boring GF but BDS's story makes up for it. They 100% deserved the chip. Cant wait for next season

  2. i don't see why people are hating on NRG tbh, they made top 8 IN THE WORLD and put up a fight against a grand finalist, they looked promising in the first few games but the frustration just killed them.. and they are the team that aged the best out of any, if you look at Vitality which is almost non existent anymore, Cloud9 which is disbanded, and Dignitas which was peaking whole tournament but still couldnt get top 8, the trio is still promising but they lack confidence and they need a new playstyle, their playstyle is just old and outdated, and don't come at me with the "mickey group" the bracket is not in their control, and they still looked promising either way.

  3. Love watching RLCS but omg that chap in the white suit is annoying!

  4. Let's be honest, every player is amazing at rocket league. But team BDS deserved this championship. A long time coming.

  5. I almost feel like furia used up too much of their energy beating moist that they couldn't sustain it vs bds. But bds also did really good to adjust and shut furia down

  6. Chicago and Jknaps but be devastated, losing 4-1 to another EU team in the finals, you could tell how nervous they were though they were missing everything, definitely didn’t play as good as they did rest of the tournament

  7. Does anyone have any idea how the name of the epic music song is called?

  8. I don't get why the pros dont use their team's decal when they are in single elimination and everything on the line, if they are gonna go out atleast do it in style not in some blue boring octane, and i think the esports decals makes the players look faster idk

  9. Fan clash winner – The General NRG and Moist Esports
    World Championship winner – Team BDS

  10. very happy for BDS such a great redemption story !!

  11. So… Where are the guys that said Seikoo is bad for BDS and that want MarcBy8 back? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    I told u.

  12. Bruh they spelt furia wrong At the beginning of the match. It was fujria lol

  13. I really wanted Furia to get the tournament, because of their fighting ghost and their massive desires of winning .by the way BDS showed us how good they are and they’ve proven themselves to the public .well deserved

  14. The show lost a lot with this anemic crowd. Compare this to LAN in London. Is Texas crowd this crap? LA wasn't that tragic, if I remember correctly…

  15. congrats on the season. a lil disappointed by nrgs preformance but i know they will come back better next season

  16. Never thought I’d see everyone at the desk pick against BDS. How times have changed lol

  17. My fiancé rolled her eyes at this but I looove it hahahahahaloal bahaha

  18. Na fans calling bds boring because their trash team didn't win is cringe

  19. Unpopular opinion. I wish all these announcers would just shut up. Why are there so many of them? The table talk is also stupid too. The little black guy`s voice sounds like he has nerds stuck in his throat. But hey, "diversity" I guess…

  20. anyone knows the name of the song that starts at 1:42 ? please help me i love the song

  21. So glad EU is better at this game than NA – G2 got absolutely destroyed

  22. When I saw BDS beating big teams earlier in the season, I knew they had a lot of potential, but I never expected them to be world champions. Such a great achievement by the boys.

  23. NRG's performance in spring killed their confidence i hope they have a strong fresh start next season

  24. The emotional context of BDS vs Furia is interesting. BDS, serious and stressed. They tanked before in front of a crowd, there is so much pressure, noise, so much on the line. Furia, happy and relaxed. No one thought they would go this far, they didn't have plans to, now they're here and they are simply doing their best and content with whatever happens.

  25. NRG's performance in spring killed their confidence i hope they have a strong fresh start next season

  26. 「 - 𝚖𝚒𝚛𝚞𝚔𝚞 ! 」 says:

    10:09:14 this is disgusting honesty. bds is so cruel. why they gotta celebrate while g2 is right there? imagine how g2 feels watching that… walk over, give the other team fist bumps, congratulate them, then escort them off the stage while holding their hands. leave the celebrating til they're off the stage guys.

  27. Finals were disappointing af. Moist v Furia and KCorp and BDS were final worthy games. 😴 unfortunate

  28. g2 isnt good and doesnt know how to adjust to anything. giving away possesion and not playing unique at all wont give u a chance to beat bds which, bds is just a mediocre team that isnt braindead

  29. ngl its really cool that both Ford and Mobile 1gor Kevin Kevin Harvick's #4 Mobile 1 Ford Mustang in the room

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