Rocket League World Championship | Championship Sunday -

Rocket League World Championship | Championship Sunday

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Watch Championship Sunday of the Rocket League World Championship now!

It all comes down to this. One final day to decide who will claim victory and the title of Rocket League World Champion. Who’s it going to be? There’s only one way to find out.

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  1. I wish furia vs moist was the grand finals. It was much more entertaining

  2. Seeing Mew and the rest of BDS just utterly break down when it dawned o them that they'd won… wow. 🥲

  3. What’s the background music for 2:35 ???

  4. sumone knows how many viewers rl got on twitch in finals?
    because quarterfinals was 250k already, wonder how high the peak was

  5. Les fans de G2 au matchs moist vs furia: "EU who ?" Alors que furia est brésilien
    Les fans de G2 après la finale : "…"

  6. je m'en souviendrais toute ma vie de ces match c'est clairement la meilleur saison des rlcs

  7. my only complaint was that the quarter finals should've been on another day. 10+ hours is too long for people who have to work on monday in europe

  8. First time in RLCS history the winning team's players are all from the same country 🇨🇵

  9. omg what an event i feel so bad for vatira 🙁 one of the best players ever, you guys will get it next year dude

  10. I've been out of the rl scene for a bit and I've only recently started watching again, was this tournament THE world championship as in the biggest LAN in rl?

  11. How tf the NA crowd gonna cheaer louder for a G2 save than a BDS goal

  12. What a wonderful Series from BDS, again. I hope u guys enjoy ur triumph

  13. Let’s Get Wet works in two ways.

    Cuz I was crying along with Vatira.

  14. Game 7 of Moist vs Furia was fucking ELECTRIC

  15. Thankyou Subie for being the only caster saying the Rule number correctly

  16. Congratulations!! Bds deserve it tbh even I fan of G2 but amazing play by BDS I THROW Hat TO THEM 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎉

  17. One thing I hate about na they never say anything for the winning team like my goddess BDS was playing crazy and they didn’t say anything but as soon as g2 got boost they would go crazy over it

  18. BDS played amazing especially with them making such a comeback and winning 4 in a row against Furia

  19. @JKnaps @ChicagoRL Deserve the World Championship more, G2 actually had a story line, while BDS has no story line at all, how far this G2 team has come and then this happens, so heartbreaking. I just wanted to see Chicago and Jknaps lift that trophy.

  20. imagine how nervous caard would’ve been on that open net in game 1 against bds

  21. what’s the background music they are using for 2:35:20

  22. I was against Moist but after that I can't wait to see you guys again. That was the greatest match of Rocket League for me.

  23. Wish they would remove the casters and broadcasters. Just show the games with game sound. We basically have to listen to plats talk about RL through every game.

  24. I feel so bad for Vatira, the man is a legend, got unlucky, when it really mattered. Moist are great guys, i want them to finally achieve all their dreams. Thanks for an amazing performance 😉

  25. G2 is so trsh bro such a grubby team💯👎🏻

  26. Congratz to BDS! So the real final was BDS vs KCorp. I guess thats why the put NA on one side, so the final is not EU vs EU

  27. je suis pas patriote pour un sous mais putain quel plaisir de l'emporter sur leur territoire !! gg a BDS

  28. Never seen a less deserving team of winning this season. Atomic genuinely cost G2 the title

  29. Extremly proud of my team KCORP🤍💙 The Blue wall were solid. Huge congrats to BDS as well😁

  30. The pop off from Yan was just …legendary !!!! Chills thru the body

  31. Moist vs FURIA has to be the best game of the day if not the best of the tournament

  32. you know i am sorry for discrediting g2 but they just had an easier bracket, what in my opinion is the major reason why they got into the grand finals and eventually second place. gg BDS tho

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