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Rookie Bowman Walkthrough Cool Math Games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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The man with the hairstyle ala Trump falls into the dungeon, where he needs to find a magic bow. Archery, you can at any time move to the place where the arrow is located. On this feature in the game there are many puzzles. Finding a bow is not difficult, but getting out of a dungeon is quite difficult. You must go through three sections of the dungeon and defeat the three monsters. The monsters here are quite strange and all look like cats. In the hidden places are coins, maps and various perks that improve the abilities of the main character. Rookie Bowman taken from cool math games.


  1. umm the fox and the bosses it looks like minecraft or some sort of friendly npc or something :
    9:26 Rabbit!!! 🐰
    20:06 Grizzly UwU 🐻
    41:08 Red Foxx!! :3 🦊

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