Run Game (1-25 lvl) -

Run Game (1-25 lvl)

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Your eyesight and perception will surely get tested in space. Join this alien on a challenging game known as Run! What you need to do here is really simple but can be really difficult. You must control this small alien and try to finish each level by reach the end of the corridor. There are 3 modes to choose from; Adventure, Infinite, and Edit mode. As the level goes higher, you will encounter gaps or missing sections of the corridor. Avoid falling down or else you will start all over again! Your alien can use a unique ability where you can spin the corridor and run on the sides.


  1. Bruh I used to play this in Primary school, I made it to level 50 bruh finished the game

  2. This takes me back, used to play this a few years ago when I was in IT class

  3. I probably failed most of my 3rd grade projects because of this game

  4. this is actually a good premises modern games cod use with the screen turning

  5. However trippy and weird this game may look, it's a game i find really fun to play.. also NOSTALGIAAAAAA ❤️❤️

  6. I really want to see this thing’s face.

  7. if you Back to this for no reason you are a legend

  8. I remember a few months ago I really wanted to beat this game, it was like midnight on a Tuesday, and I got to the last level (50) I spent like an hour and a half trying to beat that level, and even now I still can’t beat it.

  9. I played this so much in school. Me and my friends always used to race to see who would finish it the quickest.

  10. Seems to be based off the special stages from Knuckles' Chaotix

  11. This is where Dream really got his Minecraft parkour skills from

  12. I played this at my school and it was really fun!

  13. This game takes me back to my Secondary School days

  14. i remember me playing this 10 years or so ago lol

  15. Used to play this in first schoolme and my friends used to see who could get the furthest old is gold

  16. i cant find this on math playground anymore 🙁

  17. I first played this back in 2007 and i had many fun times playing this game, it was the very first flash game i ever played and i'm sad that i can no longer experience the fun of this game
    R.I.P RUN 2007 to 2021
    you will never be forgotten from someone who as a kid was discovering the joy of online gaming, you will me missed

  18. The old days I remember it this was the game I was on for hours trying to complete one level I could not

  19. I remember playing this game when I was in 1st grade

  20. Used to always play this at school around 7 years ago 🙁

  21. 2021 run 1 is changed to a weird 3d game

  22. i remember my friends and i would play this when we were 6

  23. Memories of moving from Germany to America and playing this on the computers

  24. I have never played this game, but it brings back so much nostalgia remembering people playing it in the computer lab at school.

  25. This game recently got updated on CoolMathGames. Not sure if I like how the game feels now

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