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Run Game (1-25 lvl)

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Your eyesight and perception will surely get tested in space. Join this alien on a challenging game known as Run! What you need to do here is really simple but can be really difficult. You must control this small alien and try to finish each level by reach the end of the corridor. There are 3 modes to choose from; Adventure, Infinite, and Edit mode. As the level goes higher, you will encounter gaps or missing sections of the corridor. Avoid falling down or else you will start all over again! Your alien can use a unique ability where you can spin the corridor and run on the sides.


  1. I just reinstalled this after forever.. feels amazing

  2. This game never fails to make me reminiss of the time I started Junior High School in 2010, at the age of 12, and my classmates introduced me to it, which caused me to replay the game numerous times until I finally beat the 50th level. 😂🥰🥰

  3. This looks like knuckles chaotix special stages

  4. This sounds like a time when life was so much easier😭😭

  5. This site was so popular yet nobody talks about this game. Weird Ngl

  6. In a very far section of the universe, a small alien is trying to prove a daring challenge. Join this alien on a challenging task here in Run! You must control this alien and finish the given task. You need to maneuver the alien on the corridor and make sure it reaches the finish line. You will encounter gaps or mission g sections on the corridor and you must avoid them or else you will start from the beginning. Your alien has the ability to rotate the corridor's position. Touch the wall and you will be able to run on that part.

  7. I liked this game a lot. The most I liked is that you can change the costume of the alien or rather change the alien completely, but you need to register a user on the site you are playing at. I like the uniqueness where you can touch the walls and you will be able to run on it as your new ground. Haven't actually seen that from all the running games I had played before. This is really an interesting and fun game to play. And I do agree with Lianora, the little green alien is cute.

  8. XD I've played this game so much, I can beat it one-handed on intense mode. Such a fun game…

  9. How do you get home? I've done about 100+ levels (including extras) and now im stuck where I have no new tunnels to run.

  10. I love this game, and the music is awesome, too!

  11. I'm not kidding. My friend made this game.

  12. I've never seen anyone reached this before!
    And This guy is really THAT desperate!?

  13. True true the guy is good😱😨😂😁

  14. I used to play this game back in 2014… what a long time ago that was… I used to play this 24/7! I’ve recently gotten back to Run to discover a new feature to the game…A LEVEL EDITOR!!! It’s Free to use!!! I’m so happy I can make a run level! 😀 This is not clickbait, ok? I for realz

  15. Do you want to be apart of run clan

  16. This game takes me wayyyy back to my middle school days

  17. Now has 50 levels (last its very hard xD)

  18. I play this at school on the computers when we are supposed to be working

  19. This game really gives you a feeling of the never ending space.

  20. This was my childhood in elementary school

  21. I used to love this game but now all I can find is the newer one and I don't like it. 😠

  22. Zi was a master at this game in elementary school. People who were stuck on the blue screen looked over at me and would see me on the green stage and they looked at me in awe and asked me to help them beat a certain level. Good times

  23. ok but where can i play this game i cannot find it

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