Snake World Record | Cool Math Games | Perfect Game (973 length) (144hz) | Raw Footage -

Snake World Record | Cool Math Games | Perfect Game (973 length) (144hz) | Raw Footage

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Grab your popcorn, this is a long one. I finally got it. Been working at this one for a couple of days now. I never thought I would get the perfect game. Amazing to see how long it took to get from 600 all the way to the max score.

Not sure why some people think the game is slower, as of looking at the game on May 27, it appears to be the same speed…?

Update: The speed of my game is due to the refresh rate of my monitor. Check out this video for a comparison between 60hz and 144hz.

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  1. Nice. I can’t play it on CoolMath with the update though. Great job.

  2. Yours go so slow! Mine is like sonic compared to yours. also GJ

  3. Move the frames along the time and look how satisfying it is

  4. 245 here boys school computers are shit and lag too much

  5. Put it on 2x to make it look like it’s normal speed

  6. Move the red dot 🔴 and move it left to right and look at the screen while u do it addicting

  7. Snake ez sucks you played it super slow though so not fair

  8. Teacher: It’s time to play the snake game and whoever gets the highest score wins!

    That one pro kid: Yes.

  9. everyone commenting about how they cant get past 300 when im here stuck with a high score of 45-

  10. this is fake he used something to slow his game

  11. If your complaining it’s too slow then turn the speed to x2

  12. My highest is 797. People at school call me the god of snake

  13. I figured it out. I have a 240hz monitor and when I played snake it went slow as fuck but when I went down to 60hz it goes fast hes playing on 144hz so hes pretty much cheating

  14. Wow there’s nothing at the end no congratulations for the hour you spent on the game no secrets no nothing :/

  15. atm my highest is 293. im steadily increasing it by the month from highest 140 something to 200 and now its almost 300, i dnt think im going to ever get higher than that.

  16. Look at his best ok…. it says 457 ok and every time you get an apple it goes up by 4 and I searched 457 dvided by 4 and I got 114.25. So this is fake

  17. Wow, no idea why this got recommended for me but good job

  18. hey look im the 100th sub, congrats bro

  19. Yeah I got 901, and I thought over 1000 was possible. Guess not!

  20. Why so slow? I scored 525 and it was at max speed,how did he slow it down? I need this 😭I'll be scoring 900+

  21. John 3:3 John 3:16 John 3:17 John 15:18 Romans 10:9 Ephesians 5:4 in the Bible

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