So I tried speedrunning Run 3 and questioned my sanity several times -

So I tried speedrunning Run 3 and questioned my sanity several times

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everyday I grow a little bit more insane from these speedruns

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My channel generally focuses on a more casual side of speedruns. With these videos I want to show off cool speedruns, explain how they work, and entertain. Hopefully you enjoy the content and maybe even take up speedrunning yourself, because it is truly a lot of fun!

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  1. my computer only lets me play CoolMathsGames at school and I'm not complaining

  2. Damn I played Run 3 I was 7 or 8 year old in that time
    My best trick there is go the void and get in inside fast
    Actually roller shoes mode is hardest in the game
    It's so fast and it can even losing control

  3. 5:04 Ye I agree. It took me like 2 days just to finish that level because I was using skater.

  4. flash games be like:your last level 1 sec lag spike and heart attack are ready

  5. Hey me and my friend at school we can only use coolmatjsgames and we completed every game and we did ovo in 7 minutes and 30 seconds thanks bye

  6. Run 2 requires Adobe Flash, but it’s not a thing…

  7. For me when I touch the concrete on level 10, the school computer goes insane……

  8. I tried to speed run run 3 once, it ended with me getting caught by a teacher

  9. “In the heat of the moment you don’t really think about which path you should go on, you’re so stressed out on going so fast”

    Taken out of context he sounds like a Philosopher

  10. His voice would fit pewds face better than his own

  11. im losing ability to jump please make a video on how to fix it

  12. i remember i beat the entire game with all the tunnels, the cloner one was hella op

  13. Do low power or olyimpic games speed run (run3)

  14. The lag spike is from cool math games. How I know is I used to play on the website and at random times I would get a huge lag spike.

  15. Try to speedrun Just Shapes And Beats even if it's a rythm game

  16. Lol I speedrun games when I want to catch up story before a new game comes out in the series. LIKE Metroid Dread. THOUGH I did NOT get good times.

  17. I figured how to beat level 65 with the skater it’s like 56

  18. How is he doing this good? When i used to play the school desktops would always lag. Now while watching this speed run i just get really dizzy

  19. He should try to speed run superhexagon it's an evil game for sure

  20. My best time is in 11 kins and 12 seconds to make it to 53 then i had to leave o-o

  21. Yeah, this game can and will make a grown man cry.

  22. I would play this game in 6th grade during the after-school program and I have good memories of spending the afternoon getting to the last level and exploring the alternate paths

  23. top 2 hardest levels are 51, then the last level is the hardest (65)

  24. also, on level 65 (the hardest level) i can only beat it with the skater lmao

  25. So a game based around the Knuckle Chaotix special levels lol

  26. I remembered at grade 4 I was playing this with my friends and we told our teacher that cool maths games is actually maths. lol

  27. I beat it to level 53 with Skater only it was painful

  28. “I also have multiple heart attacks during this video”lmao so did i

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