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Speedrunning Random Coolmath Games | Ovo

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don’t bully me for level 59

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  1. Questions I might get on this video:Q1: Why are you pausing at walls all the time? Well it makes wall flying easier for me.Q2: Why are you using glitches? Because I want to.Q3: How many attempts did it take you? This was my second try (hence my absurd gameplay in level 59)Q4: How did you get good at ovo? I just played it at school a lot until I beat it.Q5: How'd you do this glitch? Try searching up ovo glitches on YouTube. If that doesn't work, ask in the comments and I'll try to help you.Q6: What was happening in level 51? Why did you reset so much? Well I found out a trick that you could glitch through certain ceilings which is faster than the normal route, however, it is very hard to do.Q7: You know you could glitch through the ceiling in level 58 too right? Yes, but considering that level 58 isn't hard for me and the time it took in level 51, I decided to pass on that.Q8: You know if you didn't mess up the ending to level 59, you could've gotten sub 20? In my defense, I solely believe that level 59 is all RNG I swear.Q9: Why'd you spend ten minutes on just level 59? Wellllll level 59 is a level I haven't really practiced or tried to get good at. Also it's been a long time since me playing ovo and this was my second attempt and I didn't wanna restart so I just stuck with this run.If you have any other questions just leave them in the comments.

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