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Switch It On Walkthrough Part 1 Cool Math Games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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Part 2:
Each level has one or more generators and one or more lamps. It is necessary to move the generators so that all the lamps are lit. Also in the game there are steel blocks that can transfer the charge of generators and just wooden non-conductive blocks. If two generators touch each other, a short circuit will occur. There is a bug in level 18 that prevents you from completing the game. Game played on Cool Math Games:


  1. there's another way that I saw on another video. you move the battery left and move 2 metal blocks ontop of it leaving 2 more in the middle. Then u have to move the other battery down, but while it falls you have to move one of the metal blocks over. then it does a thing where the power blocks are connected but wont fail

  2. I did Ixwa The Person's way for level 18. Credit to him for that. (Hooray)

  3. Wait, level 18 is bugged? So THAT'S why I needed to look up this video…great…

  4. I beat level 18. Starting from the bottom of the tower, move the first one right, then move the power source left. Move the bottom of the stack 1 right, then move the left block left so it’s above the power block. Then move the block closet to the light all they way over so it is touching the light. Finally you move the power block on top to the left so it falls off the edge and spam right so it moves over. Somehow this worked for me.

  5. I’ve figured out a for sure way to do level 18, I have recreated it twice, it does not require luck. I will post it on my channel because it is hard to explain

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