The Bizarre Lore of Papa's Games -

The Bizarre Lore of Papa’s Games

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The Papa’s Games includes over twenty unique entries from the past 15 years. In this time, nobody has attempted to make a concise timeline of the shenanigans that go on within this extensive universe. I attempt the impossible and try to cover an overwhelmingly complicated challenge without much meaning because this is a series about making cartoon food!




Songs In Order (Holy moly there’s a lot)

~Your Customers-

~Papas Pizzaria Intro-

~Final Showdown-


~Burgeria Intro-

~Burgeria Order Station-

~Gourmet Race-

~Freezeria Intro-

~Freezeria Order Station-

~Pancakeria Lobby-

~Wingeria Intro-

~World One Map-

~Cupcakeria Intro-

~Pastaria Intro-

~Donutria Intro-

~Daisy Cruiser-

~Cheeseria Intro-

~Bakeries Intro-

~Sushiria Intro-

~Scooperia Intro-

~Mocharia Intro-

~Cluckeria Intro-

~Outro-Battle Against a Mobile Opponent-

Intro 0:00-1:20
When Pizzas Attack 1:20-2:34
Pizzaria 2:34-3:10
Burgeria 3:10-3:45
Taco Mia 3:45-4:16
Freezeria 4:16-5:18
Pancakeria 5:18-5:45
Wingeria 5:45-6:41
Hot Doggeria 6:41-7:05
When Burgers Attack 7:05-8:08
Cupcakeria 8:08-8:35
Pastaria 8:35-9:45
Donuteria 9:45-10:13
When Sundaes Attack 10:13-10:49
Cheeseria 10:49-11:34
Bakeria 11:34-12:34
Sushiria 12:34-13:39
Scooperia 13:39-14:51
Mocharia 14:51-15:15
Cluckeria 15:15-16:53
Ending 16:53-18:01

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The Bizarre Lore of The Papa’s Games


  1. How did you only mention once their lack of legs? How do Papa character move let alone drive? This keeps me up at night

  2. Damn im stil waiting for Papa’s vietnam war

  3. but theres also weekly pay days right instead of just tips

  4. Cupcakearia is my favorite game for some reason but all the damn customers suck

  5. ileftmybrotherintheovenandthepizzainschool says:


  6. This video was plagiarized by another channel, @acá entre geeks, (a Hispanic channel)


    Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the
    bleak December,
    And each separate dying ember wrought its
    ghost upon the floor.
    Eagerly I wished the morrow; – vainly I had
    sought to borrow
    From my books to surcease of sorrow –
    for the lost Lenore –
    For the rare and radiant maiden
    whom the angles named Lenore –
    Nameless here for evermore.

  8. I didn't play the Papa Louie games (even tho i played every other game besides the most recent 2), so the munchmore lore was a real shock

  9. So new game is gonna drop Papa's Paleteria

  10. I’ve never finished one of these games so I didn’t know they had endings!

  11. Next Papa's game: Guy Mortadello shows up to your restaurant like a regular customer, but instead of ordering food, he robs the store at gunpoint

  12. The one in the pancake on is Cooper and now you know.

  13. This thing got 5 mil views in about a year… care to explain buddy?

  14. Ain’t no way that Papa Louie just like the father will get some milk and never come back in years

  15. Bro like Papa Louie gotta be a mafia boss. How tf would he afford all of that otherwise

  16. I had no idea this game had such detailed lore

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