The END of Flash Games (Miniclip, coolmathgames, Newgrounds) -

The END of Flash Games (Miniclip, coolmathgames, Newgrounds)

Tatiana Pirogova
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The end is here! Flash will soon shut down and the games of our childhood will stop working!! Lets take a look back at some of the games and sites we use to play on. Miniclip, coolmath Games and Newgrounds are all classics that have a lot of flash base games on them. After December 31st 2020 flash will close down and these games will stop working. My fav was Dino run. Its the end of an era. Goodbye flash.

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  1. My computer has been screwed for literal months, a fault in the GPU and just general lack-of-upkeep on my part, so I've been severely crippled in terms of what games I could actually run without them breaking my computer's back like a toothpick. During this period I've been using Kongregate and Armour Games to supplement my limited low-intensity selection, something I was already doing when my computer worked fine but mostly because free games are good games and because I've a love of some old flash titles.

    I've rediscovered my love of the Age of War series and of so many other dumb or crazy games that I used to play constantly. Then I remembered that Flash was dying and yet I kept it out of my mind, until today, reading the comments of the Kongregate Forums reacting to their imminent death of the site and the ending of certain features (e,g the chat rooms for games). Then I came here, having just spent an inordinate amount of time playing dumb flash games and saw this video in my recommended feed like Youtube was forcing me to face this.

    Flash is dying, and with it? How many memories, how many hours of labour and how many stories that aren't recorded anywhere else? I can imagine in twenty years wanting to play these games, just as I do now, and knowing that that is a impossibility. If we are lucky someone will decide to work on flash support as a personal task and that community that exists arounds these games will maintain it themselves but part of me doubts that such efforts will materialise quickly enough.

  2. Papa's Freezeria, Crush The Castle, Sugar Sugar, The Don't Escape Series and Cactus Mckoy (I think I've misspelled) are some of my favorites.

  3. River development, reminds me of the GCSE, I was damned to the IAL instead of A and AS level and IGCSE

  4. Oh no im deprressed now

  5. How dare they do this.
    this is the ultimate betrayal the schools have won.

  6. Hey, I'm new to the channel. I just wanted to know if you're trans or just a crossdresser (you're fine either way)

  7. Man i'm a gen-Z and i played all of the flash game and i loved it since my family didn't have a PlayStation or X-box but a computer with wifi is enough for me, my favorite was happy wheels, it's really sad to see those game are gone 🙁

    I'm a gen-z with old taste (that sounded way more cool in my head)

  8. Siegius… Swords and Sandals… Dino Run… damn i'm sad now

  9. Ike The Thotslayer, Certified Wife Stealer says:

    A lot of the kids at my school went on flash game sites when they had free time to use laptops. (I usually went on wikis or messed around with Microsoft Word/PowerPoint/OneNote instead because I was weird.) I'm currently 14. Dear God my class was stuck in 2012

  10. But I still play flash games from time to time 😔✊🏻

  11. damn i’m gonna miss all the flash games i used to play back then 🙁

  12. I really hope a lot of these games switch over before it's too late. I know Poptropica is in the process and I'm pretty sure Friv did, but I still play a lot of these games. I'm too lazy to find better. I don't want to stop playing MovieStarPlanet after 2020.

  13. mind: i think tatiana is a guy
    also mind: tatiana is a girl

  14. I missed you so much!!!!!! How are you? You look as beautiful as ever.

    Edit ( because you told me to!) The dress is beautiful as is the bow as are you.

    I’m sorry you’re having a “tough” time. Tough isn’t really the word for it. However, I’m not sure what word would be applicable for the shit storm that has been 2020. There is a world wide plague and much of the developed world refuses to even believe in science let alone wearing masks to protect themselves and others as they think it infringes on their bodily autonomy ( but they think abortions are different ) The year 2020 will go down in the history books as the longest and most difficult year since the beginning of time.

    I was still excited to see a video from you. Please take care of yourself and stay safe. I’m sending you my love to you from across the pond ( from Canada 🇨🇦)

  15. as someone who still uses them to avoid my highschool stuff and am sad about it i can confirm that i am not in fact a poseur.

  16. i just found this channel and i love it its the best channel ever and you make awsome vids and you look absolutly stunning

  17. You lied. I think about Duck Life and Henry Stickmin EVERY day

  18. I adore you, queen. And your bow, which is very pretty.

  19. Hey i don’t judge Tati. I myself was big on pussymon….

    Saying that alone makes me feel disgusted

  20. The captions when tatiana is talking over herself: shaytwtwtwiwiuwhehsgaggahw

  21. Tatiana is an undercover leftuber change my mind

  22. Don't call out us tumblr users like that lol

  23. Was my primary school the only one that let kids plays games like this? Like the teacher wouldn't have anything planned for the end of school so they'd put us on the computers and hoped we wouldn't somehow end up on omegle or the dark web

  24. End of a era heh.
    The 2000s and early 2010s internet has long gone.

  25. I ain’t got the money to spend on the mobile games from the papa’s series..but I can spare 100 dollars for Tati’s patreon

  26. i got detention in like 4th grade and we had to play cool math games as a punishment because it was cool math games


    Edit: oh ok after watching the whole video Dino Run is safe apparently

  28. YOU LOOK SO CUTE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  29. When u said “i only usually get 2 replies “ I thought half of the time it’s me

  30. coolmathsgames got straight up fucking evicted from my old my school so i spent like the last 4 years of my school life playing quizzes to find out what pizza topping am i? sadge

    also tati finally showing some class by wearing a choker over the mask…i-

  31. Fun fact: I played duck 4 with one of my friends when we should've been working it was fucking awesome yet now I see we had so much fun because the class was boring as hell

  32. Oh shit no, I think my favourite game site Eyez-maze uses Flash 🙁 sad times. I'm gonna try to beat my top score on Tontie

  33. Strike Force Heroes trilogy + Armour mayhem were fucking GOAT

  34. y20k the world will blow up when flash shuts down

  35. The shitty audio quality does it for me

  36. i remember Quick Sand Hell being fun but the game didn't always work. also had some good games

  37. "-…Dino Run."
    That tangy nostalgia ._.

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