The History Of Cool Math Games -

The History Of Cool Math Games

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If you didn’t spend hours in class playing Cool Math Games instead of doing work, did you even have a childhood?! Today, let’s dive into the history and origins of Cool Math Games- from it’s humble academic origins, to it’s legendary game series, to how it’s changed and evolved over time and what it’s like in the current day!

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  1. these games were epic, I love all the games of duck life including the mobile one but the evolution one was the best one

  2. Cool math games was blocked, but the first day of computer science class was learning how to get behind the school's firewall. Cool math games was the target site to prove we'd made it through.

  3. CoolMath Games is so dear to my heart, I used to spend hours on that website as soon as I was old enough to type. I think my favourite game will forever be Meeblings, I love those colourful potatoes with their high pitched 'weeee' sounds. They were everything! ❤️

  4. i played all 4 (at the time) fire boy and water girl games by myself, like one hand on fireboy and one on watergirl in middle school

  5. I'm doing a qualification at work and my computer time still consists of Moto 3xm

  6. The makeup in this video 💖💖💖 I love it so much 🥺

  7. Omg I still love cool math games. Last year during senior year, almost everyone in my math class would play cool math games instead of watching the videos on our lesson for the day. To be fair it was easy to do the math so it was unnecessary to watch the videos and so cool math games was my go to during math. Some of the games worked and I did see a lot of people playing the run games at that time but I honestly do not know if they work today, but they did last time I played.


    my old special ed resources room i was in had computers, so they never taught us ab anything. I remember playing CoolMathGames and ABCya RELIGIOUSLY. My elementary school may have not taught me well but coolmathgames were so fun.

  9. I love saying to people that my first Pokemon game was Pokemon Tower Defense

  10. “Despite the vaguely threatening name” oh my gah 😭

  11. Duck Life brings back so many memories and it’s the best game on CoolMathGames easily

  12. I absolutely love your style and your content, I was born in 2000 and I'm familiar with most of the nostalgic things you describe. I just bought a VCR and some old tapes while I was at Goodwill so I could relive my childhood nostalgia, popped in a very old copy of Land Before Time II….those were the days. I also found a Vista-era keyboard for 3.99 that I'm currently typing on. I love collecting nostalgic technology! There's a NinjaKiwi archive of some of their more popular games.

  13. I'm glad you mentioned Duck Life, I'm not sure if u were still playing around the time they released the last version where you can train your duck to basically become a god of his own universe, traveling to a separate home screen with a galaxy backdrop and a throne, but that version always felt like a fever dream rather than a nostalgic memory. The design of your duck god was also hilarious, you could choose his color and they gave you almost a human body with a more mature looking duck face and a ridiculous mohawk

  14. Bro, papas cupcakeria was my JAM back in the day

  15. It’s interesting the ones you mention as being popular. In my school in the USA it was the coffee shop game and the rectangle game and bloons that were the most popular

  16. I love that coolmathgames is such a universal experience for our generation. Also when you brought up the duck life game I immediately thought about can your pet too so you're not alone. My highschool eventually blocked it, but luckily some kids shared around this super sketchy VPN (not a sponsor). The funny thing is we could've gone on any game website with it, but we still went to coolmathgames

  17. I've found a pretty good game series on coolmath games called big tower tiny square where your best friend, who also happens to be a pineapple, is kidnapped and you have to save them, also the music is kinda good

  18. There used to be a site called EdHeads where you did virtual surgeries on fairly anatomically accurate cartoon figures. I vividly remember the one where you did brain surgery on an awake woman with fun animated blood. Site still exists but doesn't have the surgery games anymore.

  19. i never played any coolmathgames. feels like im the only one. my school got our flash game hits on Friv. idfk

  20. I hope Coolmath Karen is vibing wherever she is. I wish she could know how much she means to me

  21. after being told off for playing Papa's games me and a friend told our teacher it was maths related because 'it involved money!!' nd practically played it every chance we got

  22. When I saw Fireboy and Watergirl on the thumbnail ASWELL as Papa's Pizzeria I HAD TO CLICK.

  23. and then cool math games gets banned at your school.

  24. Papa's Taco Mia is working. I tried Papa's Cheeseria but it started lagging like crazy after a week or so.

  25. My school didn't have Internet, but I used to play fireboy and watergirl at my cousins place and since we were 4 kids we'd swap players after game overs, with only me and my cousins being able to do the wasd controls,cause our younger siblings didn't have the motor skills yet.

  26. we went searching for the Cool Math Creator and instead found our Cool Math Mom. love u karen xoxo mwah💋

  27. does anyone remember a game where you play as shapes with different abilities and you're supposed to revive statues? It was my favorite game and I've been trying to remember the name for years 😭

  28. Anyone over 30 and remember that space aliens math game back in the day? Its like a fever dream to me, cant remember the name

  29. I live in Europe, (the Balkans), the site we primarily used was Friv. But the games were the same. Really enjoyed the video 🙂

  30. i only really play the papas games on coolmathgames but for me they run fine, just some minor lag every now and again

  31. does anyone remember ABCYa? It was like coolmath games and had some of the same games like duck life and I used to play it a lot

  32. Run is such a nostalgic part of my life. I have blurry memories of being at breakfast club and playing it with all the other kids.

  33. i played coolmath games last term til it got blocked 🙁 papa's games are always laggy but run 3 and other nostalgia games work well

  34. Can we talk about B-Cubed? My first grade class used to get super hyped over it

  35. where did u get ur choker? its so cool :0

  36. I used to waste my hours in my classes playing Coolmath Games and other sites like Starfall and ABCYA. Those websites got me really into the Papa's Gamerias and the fandom (yes there is a fandom). Interestingly enough, there is a lot of lore in these games. All games, whether the Papa Louie platformers or the gamerias or other titles, all coexist in a multiverse of sorts. It's neat.

  37. Everyone in my class I playing that game at free time

  38. I'm in my 40s but kids have been doing the math games scam since home computers existed. I remember this one about solving equations on a pogo stick and another one about being a robot climbing a tower and blasting numbers with a laser. Can you tell I was a nerdy kid? I wish I could've logged my hours on those games but it was way before Steam existed… Or flash or the web.

  39. when I got the post notification for this I got SOOOOO EXCITED

  40. I remember the only way we were able to play cool math games was if we were in the library at the YMCA and there was only like 8 kids who knew about it. But actually duck life has its own app now.

  41. Hey izzyzz!! i know it's giong to be a random comment, but i was wondering since you talk alot about niche topics, out of everyone i know i think you'd be the first one i'd ask about those old adult swim games,including one which i remember was some sort of candy-land shooting game with the boss being a giant grandma?
    oh and about the robot unicorn attack rabbit hole,still a game i'll remember about to this day

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