The Most BROKEN Coolmath Game -

The Most BROKEN Coolmath Game

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Today I talk about one of the most BROKEN games on Coolmath Games. No, not Run, Papa’s Pizzeria, or Bloxorz. In This video, we’re taking a look at Duck Life 3 to see what game breaking glitch has ruined it for years.


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  1. I loved duck life so much. I could never beat duck life 3 on the shitty Chromebooks because the stupid mousepads cant make the cursor go fast enough on the final boss.

  2. I never ran into this glitch while playing. In fact, no one else in my class had, either. I'd never heard of this problem til now. Weird.

  3. Did anyone here use math playground? anyone?

  4. Ok, so it wasn’t just me when I randomly went back to this game, that it would always go to red duck, that sucks :/

  5. i used to flex about my level in duck life 3 and having a 100% completion in the game this makes me sad 🙁

  6. I played on another flash website in home not in school

  7. I swear I legit thought I was just having fever dreams whenever playing duck life 3 and figured I was doing something wrong

  8. The fact that you mentioned Johnny Upgrade shows that you are a true Cool Math Games person. I played that in Elementary school a lot. It's actually kinda hard from what I remember. I'll be a senior/12th grader when school starts up again for context. Also I mildly agree with you opinion on Bloxors.

    I just got the Duck life trilogy thing for steam today, so when I'm done with the second game, since I pretty much speed ran the first one, I'll check if this glitch is in it as well. I doubt it is, but eh. It's $1.99 btw

    Edit 12/13/22: I still haven't checked lol

  9. I rember playing it on coolmath games and thinking what. This was recently.
    I also chose the flying duck.

  10. I picked the flying duck and I have not encountered this glitch at all

  11. You know the reason why cmg was always banned from school laptops was because a lot of games were just Trojan horses

  12. I've always chose the flying duck and this glitch never happened for me. Tbf though the last time I played duck life 3 was 2 years ago.

  13. I knew I wasn't the only one that remembered Hooda Math…
    I still hated it, but at least they had that one funny puzzle game that was totally not a ripoff of something else?

  14. these were absolutely my favorite too

  15. Not to mention they need to add control mapping to the game because I’m not use to using the mouse for flying and running training

  16. Duck life 3 is not only broke on cool math games, it's also broken on other sites, unfortunately

  17. It's such a shame that coolmath games just destroyed it's self. The papa's games aren't available anymore due to a flash issue, and the game is now flooded with ads every chance it gets. So sad 😔

  18. Yeah you’re right duck life three is the best game

  19. your promise delivery made me subscribe.

  20. The game is so broken that my computer wasn't able to even handle it, it could handle the other ones fine, just not 3

  21. Duck life 3 and duck life treasure hunt were my favorite duck life games, and I’m sad that duck life 3 is broken.

  22. I would always have another window with cool math games during school.

  23. My favorites was duck life treasure hunt and the original

  24. I tried playing it today in geometry class and ofc didn't work

  25. I remember playing coolmath games, including Johnny Upgrade. Nice to find someone else who did too.🙂

  26. Bro fuck papas you should have mentioned the chad Bloon td

  27. oh my god YES, i thought something was just wrong with my computer this whole time!

  28. Ah I remember playing this, but on a different website. I think it was can ABCya or smth but yeah I loved it

  29. I didnt had any glitches you encountered, but after a final race with champion and beating mini game at end game just froze and i needed to restart page

  30. When he says I’ll go back too play in it a year that hit hard he didn’t know yet

  31. Another duck life game that is broken on coolmath is space. Your duck you enter into the race appears as a purple square and it's impossible to enter it.


  33. I don’t remember this happening the first time I played the game, but was I went to play it again for the nostalgia, the glitch kinda ruined my experience.

  34. I am one of those kids that played Cool Math. R.I.P to it cause Flash is now over.

  35. i always picked the flying duck and i've NEVER seen this glitch- Thats so damn weird

  36. Say Watergirl and Fireboy. Say it now!!!

  37. bro, I remember playing coolmath's games back then and I remember Duck Life 3 being a f*cking pain in the a*s!

  38. I haven't played the Duck Life series on Cool Math Games, so I never encountered that glitch in DL3. Maybe try other websites, lol

  39. Bro I remember playing coolmathgames when I was in elementary, that dragon numbers game and the hide from the wyrm game (was that on coolmath?) Was my shit back then!

  40. I played Friv, I never knew about coolmath growing up

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