The Most BROKEN Coolmath Game -

The Most BROKEN Coolmath Game

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Today I talk about one of the most BROKEN games on Coolmath Games. No, not Run, Papa’s Pizzeria, or Bloxorz. In This video, we’re taking a look at Duck Life 3 to see what game breaking glitch has ruined it for years.


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  1. fun fact: i once got smashed over the head by a big, hard-case book because i like playing duck life 2.

  2. Papa Louie games: "Are we jokes to you?"

  3. This is unimportant, but I’d like you to know that YouTube keeps unsubscribing me from you and I am fucking determined to stay subscribed.

  4. i would play coolmath games but in our schol computers are only in one class,during informatics and we can,t pay games or else 1

  5. My favorite memory with duck life was that my friend beat the first game and she got something cool in the game (I don’t remember what it was) and I was jealous

  6. duck life was the most addicting for me for some reason

  7. I’m so sad 😞 they blocked cool math games on all the school computers in all of my schools

  8. Ducklife 3 was my favorite I didn’t care it was broken it was still fun

  9. One of my only memories of duck life 3 was when I was at a hotel with my family, and I snuck behind the desk and went on the laptop to play it💀 of course I was like 7, so I didn’t get in that much trouble but I remember when the desk lady came back and was like uhhh wtf

  10. i never had any of these problems when playing. guess i was just lucky.

  11. this was the only of the four i didnt play, but this makes me glad i never played it

  12. I have nostalgia for the duck life games, even if I used the abaya version when I was younger

    Edit: There was a whole crapworth of bugs with the duck life games so try finding more

  13. I literally agree with you I obviously played the life on it like a month ago tomorrow I am going to play the life I hope the fix it’s glitch I mean fixed fixed

  14. Finally, the fnaf game I REALLY care about

  15. My favorite thing to do was max out all my stats before I touched any of the races that way I can completely dust them all and try to get them all disqualified🤣🤣

  16. Hoodamath Duck life 3 is also broken with this bug.

  17. Listen, if you didn’t play There Is No Game on coolmathgames, you had negative childhood

  18. I beat duck life 2 in second grade over a couple of days

  19. I remember playing ducklife games on coolmathgames or ABCya on the elementary school chromebooks with my friends at the afterschool program.

  20. I just want to Learn to fly 2 to be be playable again.

  21. Bruh I would play this game all the time. So many memories…

  22. I do Coolmath Games in science class all the time.

  23. My personal favorite has always been Ninja Miner/Painter.


  25. I never played a coolmath game, buuuuuut I played friv

  26. CMG was banned on our school network

    We also weren't allowed to go into ths room with the PCs without teacher supervision

  27. I played the Papas games all the time during class and had such a fun time fucking up orders. I also enjoyed Duck Life a lot.

  28. I simply hated this one. I only played this once and this happened to me.

  29. Yeah that’s me I play cool maths games is the best

  30. I had to restart the game on a different website to finish it. Because on cool math you couldn't play professional. Also i haven't played it in a while so I've never seen it

  31. I had the same glitch with the duck inside of another duck during training

  32. Bro, this is sad. Duck life was the best.

  33. Man, coolmath has fallen from grace. So many ads, nothing like the 2010s 🙁

  34. brooo i loved these games. something weird that happened was when i was in school, i loved duck life treasure hunt! it was my fav game. but one day i couldnt find it. AND I STILL CANT. does anybody know what happened to it :/? i kinda wanna come back to it and see what i somehow liked about it, haha..

  35. Uh I think your issue is that you're playing it on COOLMATH WHY!? I remember hearing of a bug that makes the ugly duckling THE WORST in the game, but I've never had the bug you had happen on any of the other places to play the DL3

  36. im so mad bc duck life 3 was my favorite and i’d play it every time i was in the school computer lab and i replay duck life games A LOT, so this one being broken sucks tbh

  37. I never even knew this glitch existed and duck life 3 was one of my favorites, i guess I just never picked the flying duck? Lol

  38. I don't know about yall's experiences, but i've never had these problems, no matter where i play it. Even back in the day i don't remember this, so maybe it's tied to hardware somehow?

  39. I love coolmathgames. I remember in elementary school when we're in the computer lab, we got to play those games and try to beat each other in the games like the Run series and Duck Life. My brother was so into it he made a bunch of cool doodles with fanmade mechanics and characters. Also, God bless those Papa Louie games!

  40. all this time and i had no idea domos were connected to the duck life verse. i was too terrified by buff duck man to continue any further.

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