THE PERFECT RECIPE! | Coffee Shop Game -

THE PERFECT RECIPE! | Coffee Shop Game

Trey McDermott
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  1. FlashMuseum lets you play it in 2024!

  2. My new record I got 636.05 dollars yay😁💵 and if you don't believe me you can go to my YouTube channel and watch the video I just uploaded🙂

  3. You need to follow the half and half proportion to use all of your milk coffee and sugar at the end of the day. For example, i could buy 60 tsps of coffee and sugar but the milk would have to be 30 cups. I could also use 80 tsps of coffee and sugar but then i would need to use 40 cups of milk. You just need to use the half and half proportion to make sure that nothing gets wasted at the end of the day.

  4. I was playing this in tech class today. and i'm 14

  5. I wanna say i got click baited…. I thought there was a secret ending

  6. I am in third grade and I played coffee shop at school today!

  7. i just wanna thank you for helping me out. All these years i lose after day 4 and now ive finally won the game. THANK YOU

  8. i remember when i was a kid i would troll the shit outta the customers and make em vomit

  9. I'm in 6th grade and I still play coolmath games xd

    but in 5th grade I played one of the coolmath games called "grab them by the eyes" and I was at the point where I could make my sign say whatever I wanted so I said " F**K you" or "daddy buy from me" xd I was weird

  10. this video really inspired me to play coffee shop and distract me from my problems at home, my parents are fighting constantly and sometimes i get hit aswell, i get sent to school where i am bullied by my teachers and classmates. the only thing that gives me clarity is coffee shop. i hope you make some more coffee shop videos in the future so i can improve in my coffee shop skills and hopefully become a professional coffee shop player

  11. Such a wonderful and devoted man. His success brought him to tears at the end of the game. I am very proud of you

  12. Look at the limited thing, if you buy those than you get more servings

  13. Thanks man I got $461.83 in 14 days. How about you, the reader of this comment?

  14. To get a good money count you want to max out all of the ingredient amount, then once you have a max reputation you max out the price, people will buy because of the reputation and ignore the price.

  15. This is great. I love that game. And ngl, your kinda cute.

  16. I love this game
    when i was a kid I loved to make them throw up

  17. Is there an other version that I can buy refrigerators or grinding machines in the game?

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