The Run Trilogy has LORE??? 😱👽🏃 -

The Run Trilogy has LORE??? 😱👽🏃

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Everyone knows that these aliens run. But, have you ever wondered WHY they run??

If you’ve played games on the Internet in the last 10 years, you’ll recognize these little guys. Take a run through space with us and discover their thrilling backstory! 👽
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  1. Can you fix cool math games on iPad browser so I can play run and crazy taxi please

  2. These guys need a movie or something

  3. in one of the cutscenes where the angel gets the pastafarianyou can see the duplicator and the child in the distance watching him

  4. The Angel section of the game was by far my favourite (yes I 100%ed the story mode / galaxy map). Player03 said a while ago that before they release anymore updates, they're remaking the game in a new engine, so I guess when that is finally done we will have our answer and solution to the ever-lasting lore

  5. my personal headcanon for the Runner/Cartographer and Skater is that at some point, they stumble across a wormhole or something and wind up in the blocky 3D universe of Run 2, which would make Run 3 a prequel to Run 2

  6. really wish this game got a proper conclusion, it sucks the creator just sorta disappeared after a while and there aren’t enough supporters to really get him to return. and it’s a shame since run 3 has legitimately amazing controls and character variability. i’d love to see the game get a console remaster with the complete story and some extra levels, idk realistically it wouldn’t be that hard and i think a decent number of people would buy it

  7. run 2 is the best run game, change my mind

  8. I missed a lot😢Why? Well my laptop doesnt work and my dad aint gonna fix it unless i get A in math. And if you didn't know Run trilogy is exclusive to PC and laptop

  9. I once was in the run 3 discord server. There was a whole channel dedicated to the lore and stuff

  10. Bro i did completed run 3 before, but its and will always get incompleted

  11. I loved playing this when i was little 😊

  12. You know, it is the real lore because it is made by the official call math games that made run 3

  13. I remember playing run 3 and always thinking getting skater or getting "a breath of fresh nothingness" was amazing, and now i have beaten the html5 variation almost completely (just achievements and some characters)Also, coolmathgames, if you see this, thank you for bringing back replicated versions of the old flash games.

  14. Yesterday I finished the entire thing on cool math games, just to realize I can’t finish it because it has an old version of the game 🙁

  15. What I love so much about Run 3 is that along with the fun game, we get free adventure music that is probably better than most of the music that exists today.

  16. You don't have to know CMG, basically all flash games were available on almost every web game site that ever existed

  17. No wonder Run 3 is the biggest hit on cool math games.

  18. Run 3 is easily the best web/mobile game in the world- it has simple, interesting gameplay and amazing lore

  19. Bro I still remember loosing my sh*t when I saw cut scenes with dialogue I love run so much.

  20. I wonder if the Angel is the true bad guy, or if he is just misunderstood…

  21. Im a pro at run 3 i already beat the whole game in 30 minutes

  22. Did you just misgender pastafarian?????? WTF cool math games???????? never using your horrible site again. this is a major issue that we need to fix NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Didn't knew there was lore in the game

  24. actually really cool stuff lol. how tf doe this only have 200 views?
    also fun fact about the teapot i suspect, is that it may be in reference to the very first "benchmark" shape for 3D rendering engines. It was a good way of testing how well it could be rendered given a renderer. its completely possible that in the worlds of the runner that they havent seen a teapot before

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