The Ultimate Flash Game Tier List -

The Ultimate Flash Game Tier List

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Greet. Today we’re looking at flash games.

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  1. the game sux cuz u cant solve the puzzles?

  2. The fact I played the hell out of that mining game and am today years old when I realized his name backwards is Satan ….

  3. I just love how you put the Skywire music along the video

  4. Turns out we played very different flash games

  5. Biden: PAY YOUR GREER! Character:NOOOOOO!!! starts running

  6. raft wars was a fun flash game I used to play and that one where you fight kids, dad and me? i don’t remember the name but it had a purple dude with a skull mask.

  7. I found a thing called supernova player that runs flash games

  8. The fucking nanosecond i heard skywire, i had the tune stuck in my head for a month

  9. The most amazing thing is that I played 90% of these

  10. Wait… the thing on your profile picture is a frog? I thought it was a cat.

  11. i forgot the Poo tier Game ehats ut called again

  12. Anyone remember that stickman game that basically did parkour? There was one level where he just swung across a rope. I forgot the name of it. They were like yellow and orange stick ppl. Very generic I know. But I cant remember more.

  13. Does anyone remember one game thay was like dudes riding their skateboard out of subway tunnels and going off ramps downhill and doing tricks. Does anyone remember the name of thag game?

  14. Wow… You forgot not only Henry stickmin but also riddle school. Lame.

  15. You know, I was wondering why Commando looked familiar, and then i realized its just most of the sprites from Metal Slug being used

  16. Dayumn I remember Cut The Rope- that shit was childhoodddd

  17. Siegius, Santa Kicker 2, Henry Stickman and so many more gems.

    Ax Games, Max Games were legends.

  18. Me playing bloxors on those Olive Garden game tablets

  19. YOOOOO wbrew my electric man and electric man 2?!? And that ninja game

  20. Why Kingdom Rush or Thing Thing series weren't here is beyond me

  21. This isnt a flash game tier list its a "flight game" tier list dude.
    Which back in the days were the laziest games.

    Also imagine thinking rope is boring. Games fucking great

  22. some lower tiers in this tier list is better than some higher tiers in this tier list

    change my mind

  23. no fancy pants? no potty racers 2 and 3? oof

  24. my man really didnt mention swords and sandals

  25. Bubble trouble is S tier unless you suck at it.

  26. Plazma Burst? flash game tier list and no Plazma Burst D:

  27. Strike Force Heroes 2 was fuckin pog, the series as a whole was alright. 1 was meh, 2 was the goat, and was probably the weakest of the lot honestly

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