The Ultimate Flash Game Tier List -

The Ultimate Flash Game Tier List

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Greet. Today we’re looking at flash games.

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  1. why did you put cut the rope so low I have lost all respect

  2. Shoutout to all the amazing games that didn't make it on this list that provides me with countless hours of my first years of video games #GoneButNotForgotten

  3. anyone know a game like zombotron but with a water gun???

  4. Did you know that kongregate doesn't need Adobe flash player so I can play torture simulator 2 any time I want

  5. Does anyone remember those T-rex games? I've played every single of them.

  6. This list makes me think we had some fetish with launching ourselves from ramps.

  7. Bro anyone play stick war legacy on mobile?

  8. You are a wrong in every way if you don’t like duck life

  9. Thx dude. But you missed an S tier, cant remember its name

  10. Sad he didnt add in strike force heroes 1,2 and maybe 3?

  11. Bro went from ranking flash games to desperately holding on to #1 for the 100% just cause 3 speedrun

  12. Duck Life is A tier idk what you're talking about

  13. IF Bloons Tower Defense isn't S Tier i will dislike the video

  14. 0:42 name name NAME NAME i remember this game but not the name

  15. many hours wasted in primary school to these games and the they banned them highschool and you never see them again

  16. warchief ultradeath conan barbarian terminator.... says:

    what the hell are these zoomer flash games? these arent classic games at all

  17. What abt cactus mcoy 2? Age of war 2 is deserved tho. This was so nostalgic i am crying

  18. Cut the rope was my favorite game as a kid.


  20. Does anyone remember that one that you had to like demo a building. More blocky. Also what about let’s kill Biber? Also there is now a flash player

  21. Motherload comes highly recommended by the Catholic Churches and the Vatican, due to epic fight with satan himself. Also cause it shows u work ethic 👌🏽✅

  22. Raze 1-3, those sniper assassin hit man games, and those escape the prison games were my all time favorites. They will be missed

  23. Strike force heroes and madness conb asd t project nexus. I shall miss you both with all my hearts.

  24. Kinda sad I didn't see Warfare 1917 or 1944. Fairly simple games but man, I had a blast with those as a kid. The Warfare games, 1066, Epic War, Endless War, WARLORDS, Siegius, Crush the Castle, Miragine War, Nob War, Achilles. I'm gonna have to try and revisit these games one day, as these games definitely strengthened my interest into gaming as a kid.

    Also looking at the small list, I've just realized most of these are strategy games… No wonder I grew fond of the Total War games and other great strategy games that allow you to lead armies, nations etc.

  25. I played all these games when I was a kid miniclip got banned eventually from my school

  26. Aw man there were some absolute CLASSICS, some mind blowing BANGERS I'm so sad he never played

  27. well thats a bold claim (every single one of them)

  28. Can’t believe he shafted the bosses in shopping cart hero

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