The World's Hardest Game (Coolmath) -

The World’s Hardest Game (Coolmath)

Green DragonZG7
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This Is An Updated Version Of The First World’s Hardest Game. Stevie Critoph Has Converted World’s Hardest Game 1 To HTML5 Canvas + JavaScript. The Game Is Better And Uses Some Of The Aspects From The World’s Hardest Game’s 3 & 4.

Sorry About The Lagging. The Website’s Random Lag Spikes Caused The Video To Lag More.

Coolmath Games Is The Owner Of This Game, So Go To Their Website Here:


  1. The ad keeps reloading, so it keeps lagging 🙁

  2. level 13 took me almost 2 hours to beat and i never want to do it again 😭

  3. This version has a much more unforgiving hitbox, gg man

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