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Tiny Fishing World Record | Cool Math Games

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Try and beat my record in tiny fishing. Here is the link to the game


  1. I’m at 500 metres and it’s still seahorses

  2. Right now I’m at 350 meters and 350 fish 😭

  3. Wait that's the world record?But my personal record is 8.71MEdit: nvm it's only 871 waaaa😢

  4. ive been to were you are and then i gave up because i realized there was no new fish

  5. my goal is to set the new world record 😂 cuz i’m at 53 meters and 50 fish 🐟 and i play it when i have time in school so maybe i’ll get it lol

  6. Check my youtube channel for my new tiny fishing world record!

  7. dang i thought there were going to be more cool fish after the seahorse but no lol

  8. oh. its only seahorse after that? wow that sucks

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