Top 10 Cool Math Games Games -

Top 10 Cool Math Games Games

Dimension Bros
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Cool math games was an essential part of everyone in Gen Z’s childhood. So here is a list of Isaac’s top ten favorite cool math games games. Also apologies for an existential dread caused by this video.

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  1. I prefer to think of Isaac as non emo Theo rather than Theo as edgy Isaac.

  2. see. we really aren’t friends because you’ve never invited me to play checkers on
    i see how it is

  3. “old Issac” is proof that “Isaac’s” dont age, they just turn into Karens

  4. sir, you never finished the list so i’ll do it for you.
    4.) papa’s pizzareia
    3.) papa’s bakeria
    2.) papa’s freezaria
    1.) papa’s cheesaria

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