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Trace Walkthrough Cool Math Games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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In this game, you have to get out of a room, or rather several rooms. The game is quite logical and if you are attentive, you can notice hints in books, objects and details of the interior. The game is quite long for an HTML game with a lot of puzzles. I really liked the game.


  1. bruh it didn't let me open the box when I clicked on the button

  2. i can’t open the box with the button at 11:06 and i’m confused 😭

  3. I can’t find the straight line down on my keyboard for the 33:40 part

  4. I made it out the small room with all the stress of the world then I saw everything else outside and I gave up Fr 🗿🗿🗿

  5. How the fuck to unravel the piece of paper in the beginning of the first puzzle 😭

  6. I need help with opening the box (next to the light

  7. thanks for that i played that game for 1hd thanks

  8. Can you please get me secret lock on Cool Math Games

  9. i finished this game the other day and its so good. except for the heart puzzle i couldn’t for the life of me figure that crap out.

  10. Is there a game that's similar to this on cool math games or anywhere in general? I really enjoyed this game 🙂

  11. help omg the giraffe thing wont work for me when i finish the puzzle and press the button the giraffe thing's neck just goes straight

  12. I don't understand what happened at 4:47? How did those numbers turn into the bottom numbers??

  13. For anyone who didn't understand the heart puzzle (me), each red heart has an arrow pointing to its left

  14. 34:06 that math game was so hard that It took me 5 deaths to understand the symbols.

  15. I’m stuck bc I did not get no magnet

  16. I don't get how to get the green key and cutter. I did it 1 million times

  17. I'm confused by the logic at 25:37. Where do you get the correct symbols from?

    9:08 has different symbols than 25:37
    Only the second symbol is the same at both time stamps.

    I thought maybe the line of symbols above the answer at 9:33, but that is not correct either.
    Please help explain. Thanks

  18. never mind the game is amazing help me i got a glock 17 against my head

  19. how the hell do you open the metal swan box

  20. Thank you it really helped me out. Overall it was a good game

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