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Trace Walkthrough

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Trace is a Room Escape game where you find yourself trapped in a strange alien planet, and must solve the hidden puzzles to escape!


  1. Nice game. Would have been cool if you added voiced explanations in the walkthrough cos I'm not sure all the puzzles resolutions make clear sense to anyone.

    But I would say that's the reason why there can't be a perfect escape game.. Devs spend so much time on them, trying to make them complicated and tricky that some things that seem obvious or logical to them, cos well they know the answer, won't for other people nor make sense, even when they get the answer, no matter how smart or imaginative you can be, since you're not in the dev mind.

  2. I almost beat it without explanation but the math part was a bit hard, that puzzle with the metal part was really smart and took me a while to understand. 10/10 game

  3. What do I do if I messed up the light part?? I tried doing what you did but since I had already changed some of the things it didn’t work I couldn’t figure out how to reset it and I’m super stuck

  4. I think there's a few bugs when you quit and get back to the game… I have resolved a puzzle thnaks to a code but now that I come back to the game, the puzzle isn't resolve but the code isn't accessible anymore… Also you lose all your notes and have to go take all the pictures again…

    but hey, that's a great game!

  5. I think that this game is fun
    I love this 💖

  6. i’m confused as to where he got the first code from the 5472 one

  7. I'm still confused by the logic at 19.24

    7:09 has different symbols than 19:24.
    Only the second symbol is the same at both time stamps.

    I thought maybe the line of symbols above the answer at 7:09, but that is not correct either.
    Please help explain. Thanks

  8. and it only took me 1 hour 43 minutes and 5 seconds lol

  9. I almost completed the puzzle in the second room but one piece went off screen! I had to do a new game!

  10. The safe code was cool that I actually fugured it out by myself! It was division!

  11. I just noticed i have to restart the whole thing cause i accidentally picked up the star in the puzzle afterthe 26336 6161 puzzle ;-;

  12. I'm stuck… It says i can't get to the submarine part because the robot is not in the right position. helpp

  13. He;;o to the developers … very challenging game thank you

  14. what is the password for the computer???

  15. how do you get the straight line for the password?

  16. I can't understand the Goblin getting the star in the tube I need help 😭

  17. Oh my. By watching this video I learned that we skipped a lot of puzzles on our way. We took a very close look at the 8 lights on the pyramid, and they experimented with the launch date till we got the planets to align right. Took maybe 10 minutes to get the year, hahaha.

  18. i bruteforced so many of the codes 💀💀💀

  19. bro it wont let me pull the last star out with the action figure

  20. For some reason, every time i get to the 2nd room with the unicorn part, the unicorn dosent extend its neck, can somebody help?

  21. i dont understand the math symbol part, when you put in into the thing, does the swirl mean equals?

  22. can you explain the math path? i dont get how 9-4+3×2=1???

  23. aw no the launch date says 1234 and i cant change it! 🙁

  24. After playing through a couple of times, my high score was 11 minutes, 566 clicks. That was by eliminating almost everything, which was everything outside and a couple other puzzles, like in the bathroom you only needed to do the pumpkin combination.

  25. Hey for some reason the puzzle pieces won’t connect. Can you help me with that?

  26. I got stuck on the crumpled paper because I didn’t click the paper itself for some reason. It was pretty funny.

  27. How do you do the troll part with the star I can’t do it

  28. ok I always use the walkthrough for the heart puzzle so how do you know what the solution is (the only clue is the arrow on the ceiling heart)

  29. This was so incredibly fun! Anyone know any similar games?

  30. I beat the game in 2 hours (1st play through) and I was so mad that the jigsaw puzzle depicting the main room was only useful to reveal the place to cut the couch. In a game where you’re expected to recognize every little detail as a clue, I noticed the it had the same portrait of the button code EXCEPT THE LAST TWO PICTURES WERE SWAPPED. I went crazy trying to find what I was missing because it never worked ;-;

  31. ⟟ can’t get the star from the tube under the table, it’s not coming out

  32. Well that took me 1 hour 11 minutes and 37 seconds
    Clicks: 3045
    If this walk through didn't exist then I probably given up ages ago…..(it helped me with a fair few tasks.) This was not easy but definitely fun….once I managed to finish it aha. Good Game.

  33. Brooo, please make more of these games, it is too good

  34. Why is that the solution to the heart/arrow puzzle?

  35. can someone explain the star puzzle? i dont understand where the answer was

  36. I did not understand the heart and arrow puzzle

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