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What happened to CoolMathGames?

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Coolmathgames is a online-gaming website that’s rumored to shut down. Here’s why I don’t think it will.

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0:00 – 1:27 Intro/What is coolmathgames?
1:27 – 2:38 How Coolmath games works / why it isn’t shutting down
2:38 – 2:55 How to see if Coolmathgames is still supporting your game
2:55 – 4:03 Conclusion/Ending

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(prior knoweledge lol)
I did a lot of my research on the coolmath site itself. (coolmathgames.com)

CoolMathGames is rumored to shutting down. I don’t think it will. This is a biography like-video where I look into CoolMathGames and the rumor of it shutting down. It’s also in 4K (Ultra-HD) Watch the video to find out the verdict!

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  1. bruh i dont care about flash thing i wanna be unblocked

  2. Our school friggin blocked it 🙁 , they even have blocked duck, duck go and Wikipedia

  3. 2021: Oh, I though you were dead…CoolMathGames: My death was, greatly, exaggerated

  4. "Cool"

    should really run on javascript instead

  5. Karen doesn’t deserve the kids or my pick up

  6. UPDATE: As of 6/4, CoolMathGames has converted some of their games into HTML5. However, the Papa’s games are still unplayable along with others 🙁

  7. I am your classmate and I’m on an alt account for random channels I literally just made this account today lol

  8. Man I have so many good memories of cool math games it's sad that flash is going away let's take a moment of silence for the games that will no longer be here after 2020😿

  9. No it’s not since there gonna update it to be on html5

  10. Now I’m Scared To Play On Cool Math Games…

  11. From what I heard from Cool math games was taking a huge part in transporting and selling drugs which is why the ads are there but I only learned this from a friend of a friend of a friend so it could have just been a rumor but that's basically what I heard

  12. Apparently people are saying that it had mixed in activity with the mexican drug cartel(which if you dont know its illegal as heck) so if this is true when you were playing papas pizzeria or running on walls in space you most likely were helping to trap, kidnap, and kill innocent families and giving them money without knowing it so if this is true one like=one church trip to say sorry to god

  13. Awesome video, but I thought CoolMathGames was tun by the cartel?

  14. Im glad u can still play duck life… and OvO… and run 3…

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